God Keep Me Healthy

Recently I was notified by my health insurance that I need to change my current insurance plan!  Why?!?!  Because they say so!  I had to embark on a long journey of shopping around for another health plan.  My time is very valuable just like everyone else.- We are really busy and spending time on the phone is – frankly frustrating- especially when it has to do with health insurance!  So having to spend the time shopping for insurance did not amuse me at all.  Meanwhile I went to see my primary doctor before I had been informed that I no longer had insurance and there they told me that my current insurance was not active!  What a mess!! Here I am walking around thinking I have health insurance. Health insurance that costs me tons of money!

I had to call the health insurance company.  They immediately put me on hold and I had to wait for what seemed like an eternity.  When someone finally answered, they asked me all sorts of questions only to tell me after about 20 minutes that I had to be transferred to a different department! I agreed to be transferred and in the process I was disconnected!  I breathed deeply and called again.  When I called, they give me options 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. I decided that I should get someone who speaks Spanish.  But that didn’t help me at all because the person that tried to speak Spanish with me was probably from Bangladesh!  Finally, I settled for an insurance plan that costs me several hundreds of dollars with a deductible that is so high that I am probably will die without it being ever met.

When I received the policy documents, I learned that there were many exceptions to my coverage. If I need a specialist, I’m on my own. If I need an ambulance, I am not covered. I will be lucky if I can get them to pay for a flu shot. The list is too long.

This really worries me. I am a proactive person and therefore, I am thinking about what else I can do to ensure my health and wellness. I have heard that dogs can notify you if you are about to have a heart attack, a seizure or if you are going into a diabetic coma.  They start barking at you, warning you of the imminent medical problem.  The only thing about that is that I don’t have any of those issues but I might just get a dog just to prevent them!  I don’t know if cats or goldfish have any medical trauma intuition.

I have also decided to prepare an altar in my home in honor of the Virgin Guadalupe and Saint Michael.  It will l have votive candles, flowers and energy stones.  Maybe I should include some Buddha sculptures and Hindu effigies. If I do this, perhaps I will have more protection than the protection my insurance offers me.   It seems to me that I would get better results with this than with the health insurance!

Let me know if you have any great health insurance tips that I’m missing out on! I love to hear from you!


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