In my last Just For Kicks I talked about how important it is to “show me” and not “tell me” that you love me.

A couple of weeks ago we had a big sale that is known to start at 7 a.m.  The store gets very chaotic and fun and if you haven’t been to one of these sales you are in for an experience! The store is full of customers, everyone is trying on shoes, grabbing boxes and shopping like it’s the last time they’ll ever get to shop.  For me every single pair of shoes that gets sold is very important!

One of our good customers came in and she and I made eye contact.  She looked at me and says “I came to show you that I love you Guadalupe!”  At that moment the whole store stood still, like when a carousel suddenly comes to a halt.

This special customer travels all over the world like tic tac toe.  Her shoe closet is probably as big as my stock room.   Little does she know that her words were very meaningful to me as I am going into a deep search in my soul for ACCEPTANCE.

ACCEPTANCE that life is sometimes very difficult and challenging.

ACCEPTANCE about what is happening in the world.

ACCEPTANCE that I can’t wear high heels as much as I would like to.

ACCEPTANCE that my mother is fleeting.

ACCEPTANCE that the love of a partner can be fleeting too.

ACCEPTANCE that I wake up every morning by 5 a.m, no later.

ACCEPTANCE that by 9 p.m. I am falling asleep!

ACCEPTANCE that my sense of humor is still very latino.

ACCEPTANCE that people are who they are.

ACCEPTANCE that I cannot easily let go of the past.

ACCEPTANCE that for the life of me I cannot do an hour of cardio.

ACCEPTANCE that I feel afraid of the future.

ACCEPTANCE that justice and injustice is woven like a braid and can be hardly told apart.

ACCEPTANCE that many cultures run through my blood.

ACCEPTANCE that… I am grateful to all of you who through the years have been present, “showing” me that you love me by being loyal customers to my store.

Please ACCEPT my deepest gratitude!

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