Recently I was notified by my health insurance that I need to change my current insurance plan! Why?!?! Because they say so! I had to embark on a long journey of shopping around for another health plan. My time is very valuable just like everyone else.- We are really busy and spending time on the phone is – frankly frustrating- especially when it has to do with health insurance! So having to spend the time shopping for insurance did not amu

In my last Just For Kicks I talked about how important it is to “show me” and not “tell me” that you love me. A couple of weeks ago we had a big sale that is known to start at 7 a.m. The store gets very chaotic and fun and if you haven’t been to one of these sales you are in for an experience! The store is full of customers, everyone is trying on shoes, grabbing boxes and shopping like it’s the last time they’ll ever get to shop. For me every sin

Have you ever tried on high heel shoes but only wanted to put on one shoe? So, you are teetering around with one high heel and one flat shoe and you are just lopsided. That’s how it feels to me in this very intense political moment. Even children have a strong opinion about our current politics! I have never felt the need to be so very careful with my political opinions. I notice that if I start talking out loud about politics, some people listen

Back in the 60’s when I was a little girl… ahem, a VERY little “girl,” my parents used to send us to spend our summer breaks in Mexico City where my aunt lived. My two sisters and I were put on the night train so that by morning, we would be in the city. We could hardly sleep through the night. The excitement of going to the city was too grand to get any rest! As we lay on our bed on the train, we would periodically peek out the window- but it wa

YOU COULD MAKE A MOVIE OUT OF MY LIFE Just like a good Santa Fean, I like to go gallery hopping occasionally. It’s a great way for me to run into friends, make new friends and of course, to see (and maybe buy!) fabulous art. The other evening I ran into a friend of mine and we were doing our usual chit chatting. If you know me at all, you will know that I’m not a very good chit chatter. I like to go to bigger, more profound conversations right aw