“Sonia Yolanda” was the name of my childhood best friend. We were besties from elementary all the way through high school. We were attached at the hip, hanging out during school and lunch recess and then following up for some more camaraderie after school! We would spend endless afternoons playing, talking, gossiping (depending our age) but always with the Beatles playing in the background. Our time together went from playing with dolls to talking about wh

I do not want to sound esoteric but sometimes I cannot help myself and I like to go there.t The principal responsibility that we have in our life is to fulfill our OWN happiness. No one can take care of this task for us nor can it be purchased online and delivered safely to our home. The great irony, speaking for myself, is that what makes me feel satisfied and happy is BEING A PART of someone else’s sense of satisfaction and happiness. Well isn’t that com

For very personal reasons, I love the month of August. I love the way the word sounds, very breathy and sexy. I love the even, round design of the number 8 (especially coupled with the number 20). I love the weather we get in Santa Fe during this month- cool, crisp mornings, hot sun in the middle of the day, overcast and cool in the afternoon, temperate in the evening…. Perfect for outdoor conversations. I even love the history of the word “August” as it d

It deeply affects me when I hear about someone getting a divorce or breaking up from a long relationship. When I hear this, I KNOW the person is going through a profound crisis. Inevitably I go back to my own break-ups and I remember how people would talk to me. They would look at me lovingly and sorrowfully saying, “I’m SO sorry.” It would not be what I wanted to hear. Instead they should have said, “Welcome to a new chapter in your life!!!” Breakups and

My lips are puckered up like duck lips. My hair sways back and forth mimicking my hips. My eyes are sultry bedroom eyes. This is not Marilyn Monroe in “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. This is just ME! My imagination runs wild when I dance. I visualize myself moving like a character in a movie – but this is a secret. Please don’t tell anyone that I go into this trance. Music on the Hill in Santa Fe is the perfect stage for me to fall into my tranc

I’m not sure what’s going on in Santa Fe but… I feel there is an extraordinary amount of bad ass women that live here! It seems that all of my friends and even the women that I just meet in the shoe store, are empowered, hard working, successful, intelligent, deep thinking and feeling women! And of course they all have good taste in shoes! Is it just me that notices this phenomenon? Does Santa Fe have some powerful energetic magnet that d

My Mother. She’s like an illuminated two-story house glowing white, grounded on a hill on the top of my mind. Both mi Madre and my home are clean and orderly smelling of Mexican house cleaner- do you know that smell? I love it!! Ask any Mexican. It is the coziest ever! This house of my Mother in my mind’s eye is very white; it almost glistens. The windows are always open because it is warm outside with the curtains flowing in the soft breeze. This house ha

Back in the 60’s when I was a little girl… ahem, a VERY little “girl,” my parents used to send us to spend our summer breaks in Mexico City where my aunt lived. My two sisters and I were put on the night train so that by morning, we would be in the city. We could hardly sleep through the night. The excitement of going to the city was too grand to get any rest! As we lay on our bed on the train, we would periodically peek out the window- but it was always p